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Work Hard.  Play Hard.

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Horseshoe Recreation Area

This is our recently added horseshoe recreation area. There is a regulation size playing area, picnic table and additional seating. Come enjoy a game with friends.

We keep around 10-20 goats throughout the year to help us maintain our lagoon.

Our family of ducks were added in 2015 to help control bugs and algae growth around the lagoon water. A playful bunch, they do a great job and they are fun to watch.

Time to eat.

Meet Sasha! Sasha is our guard dog by night, playful companion by day. Very gentle with people, she keeps a watchful eye out for predators and storms to protect her family of goats and ducks.

Goats need exercise and down time too so we built a "climbing gym" where they can play and rest.

We do need to maintain a healthy herd and keep an appropriate number to keep after the lagoon so we do sell goats. If you are interested, please contact us.

In case it's ever needed, we have one of the largest, underground storm shelters in Beckham County

Many people add car ports to their lots like this one.

We have 3 different sizes of storage units to choose from if you need additional storage. Located in the front of the park next to the playground.

Interested in a picnic, hanging out in the shade while watching your kids play on the playground? Hang out in the pavilion and relax for a while.

Looking to buy a new home? Occasionally we have homes available for sale and rent to own like this one. To find out about available inventory, contact us today.

Recent road grading to correct road pitch, improve water runoff and prevent future potholes.

We have large lots for mobile homes, RV's and bunk houses. If you're looking to move into our great community, give us a call so we can help you pick the perfect lot for you.

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